• Rao Nete is an Ayahuasca retreat and plant diet center in the tradition of the Shipibo people

    Our mission is to heal those who come to us using Ayahuasca and other plant based medicines. Furthermore, we facilitate plant dietas for those who would like to learn more from the plants. Rao nete is a not for profit organization that aims to reinvest its revenue into projects that give back to the shipibo community as well as project that help stop the damage done the Amazon rainforest.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew than has been in use by amazonian tribes for millennia. It is used by healers to diagnose and cure all kinds of health problems, emotional, physical as well as mental problems. Ayahuasca is made of the vine banestriopsis caapi (The Ayahuasca vine, or the vine that gives the brew its name), and the leaves of the psychotria viridis plant (Chacruna), by mixing them in large kettles of water over a woodfire until a syrupy, brown liquid remains that can be drank. Ayahuasca is a word from the Quechua language that means vine of the dead, or vine of the soul. Different tribes have different names for Ayahuasca, like Yagé or Oni, but Ayahuasca is the most comonly known and used.

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  • our offer

    We offer healing and plant dietas

    For people in need of healing, we organize healing retreats, in which our maestros guide you on your path to wholesomeness. For people with prior experience with plant medicine, we offer plant dietas in which you can diet a plant in isolation, to learn from the plants.

  • our offer

    Personal Care

    Our center is currently equipped to help 4 guests at the same time. We believe that it is in our guest's best interest to keep group sizes small. This way we can give each guest the attention they need.

  • our facilities

    The Maloka

    In the past, Shipibo onanya (healers) held ceremonies on square platforms under a thatched roof. To keep the mosquitos out, a big, family sized mosquito net was used. Our Maloka builds upon this tradition, but with practicality in mind. The walls and ceilings of the sacred space is closed with mosquito screens and has enough space to work with 6 guests at a time.

  • our facilities

    The rooms

    Rao Nete is constructed with westerners in mind. This means that our rooms, which we call tambos, are mosquito proof and are located isolated from each other in the jungle for your privacy. Each tambo has a comfortable bed, a mosquito net, a dry toilet, a hammock and a small table for your comfort.

  • our facilities

    The bathrooms

    Rao nete has a separate shower building, which has two comfortable showers and toilets. This allows for pleasant showering off after a hot day, or difficult ceremony. The shower building is connected by a walkway to the maloka, so during ceremony there is no need to deal with any stairs.

  • our facilities

    The dining room and kitchen

    Here is where you will enjoy delicious traditional Shipibo meals. Fresh fish, locally grown vegetables and delicious fruits, are part of what we have to offer.

  • Conclusion

    Retreat Dates

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How we work

  • We provide an all inclusive service, from door to door with no hidden costs.

  • Our eating schedule is adapted to ensure maximum healing benefits.

  • To guarantee maximum attention to each guest, our group size is kept small

  • Our Ayahuasca is cooked by ourselves and includes only the Ayahuasca vine, the chacruna leaf and water.

  • Before each ceremony, a bath is provided with Chiric Sanango to prepare your body for the ceremony.

  • During the ceremony, each participant will receive at least one ikaro from each healer.

  • All ceremonies are facilitated by english speaking facilitators

  • The morning after each ceremony we host integration talks

  • Each retreat includes an educational trip to the jungle

  • We work on a retreat basis only, so our guests arrive at and leave the center together

  • We require all participants to complete an extensive medical questionnaire as part of the application process

  • We require all participants to take a two week Ayahuasca diet before and after the retreat.

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What do we offer?

We offer two types of retreats, each with its own focus. We offer Ayahuasca healing retreats, developed especially for clients who are in need of deep healing with Ayahuasca. Additionally, we offer multi-week plant dietas for people who already have experience with Ayahuasca and are looking to apprentice or build their relationship with plants in isolation in the jungle.