Work on the bathroom

This week the main focus has been on building the bathroom building. We’re building two bathrooms with a shower and a dry toilet each. It’s about halfway there, but coming along nicely. The reason I’m here writing this and not working in the jungle is that our drill bit and our planer broke, so I’m here picking up spare parts. This is how it is, stuff breaks all the time, and then you have to go back to the city for a couple of days to get new parts. Maybe you’ve noticed that building isn’t exactly linear. The reason for this is that is is very difficult to plan work ahead. You don’t know how much usable wood you end up with until you’ve actually processed it. Then the wood needs to dry for 10 days. In the mean time, rain turns the road into mud, so you can’t haul the blocks, your equipment breaks, people need days off, supply lines are long, etc. So we tend to work with the work that lays in front of us. A floor here, a wall there, musquito proofing.

The good news is that all the roofs are done, and all the wood has been processed. Just a couple of more days to dry, and the whole team can help boarding everything up!
It’s good that the end is in sight. Everyone is tired, including myself. Also, I’m really looking forward to start working with guests and shift from “builder” to “doing retreats”.

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