After 4 months of hard work, and just before new year’s, we are happy and proud to inform you that the Ayahuasca healing and plant dieta center Rao Nete, is finished! A healing center, much like a home, is never really finished. There are some trabajitos (little jobs) that need to be done, we would like to add some plants inside the maloka and tambo’s, plant our medicine garden, et cetera. What’s most important though is that we are now operational, and can hold retreats and dietas in a basic, but comfortable setting. Just to give you a bread overview what we’ve actually build


The Maloka

The maloka, or, sacred space,  is an original shipibo design square building with enough space for up to 12 people. We have intentionally kept the maloka small as we will be working with small groups only. Currently, we can host up to 4 guests and wish to expand up to 8. The floor painted with a shipibo painting, designed by Paolo, Julio eldest son and painted by Julio’s family. There are 3 doors for easy access, one of which leads to the bathroom building.

The bathroom building

The bathroom building is connected to the maloka by a bridge, with guards on the sides. When in ceremony, one can get very dizzy and disoriented and we figured it would be a safer option to connect the floors this way, instead of having to go down and up a couple of stairs. The bathroom building contains two bathrooms, which contain a shower and a dry toilet each. The showers are beautifully done, with stone tiles on the walls and the floor. There is enough water pressure to shower comfortably.

The kitchen and diner

The kitchen is where the meals for our guests are prepared and is housed in the same building as the diner. We import fresh water from the nearby city of pucallpa and apply western standard of kitchen hygiene (food separation, cleanliness).

5 tambos

We have constructed 5 tambos (houses), of which four are built for our guests. These tambos feature all around mosquito screening, a bed, comfortable matress, a mosquito net, a table and chair, a hammock, private toilet and water tank.  When laying out the ground plan for the center, we had privacy of our guests in mind. Whereas the Maloka, bathroom building and kitchen are more or less close together, the tambo’s are spaced apart to provide an isolated space for each guest to do the work.

The website is lagging behind a bit in terms of completeness, but as is the center, it’s a work in progress. We have planned out 4 months of short and longer healing retreats and complete the cycle with a one month plant dieta. More information will follow soon, but if you’re already interested, the retreat dates can be found here.


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