The following is a transcript from an entry of my diary that I kept during my marusa dieta. I have dieted marusa before, but since you have to keep in touch with your friends, I decided to do a short, one week dieta. So, here’s what happened!

Currently I’m dieting Marusa. It will be a short diet, followed by a dieta with Piñon Colorado and Chiric Sanango. Yesterday, we had the first taking of the medicine. What a sweet plant it is. They say it opens your heart and I can attest to that. I felt full of love and all worries disappeared like snow in the sun. When I walked back from the Maloka to my tambo, I looked up to the beautiful night sky and felt a deep appreciation and connection with the cosmos, as well as a strong yearning for a greater and deeper understanding. After that I meditated for half an hour and did some yoga. I am as stiff as a board!

I am so happy with my petroleum lamp. It gives off a great light, not too much, but warm and calm. I went to bed, and was out in a minute.

This night I dreamed a lot and very intensely. It’s too much too write all down, but I’ll do one. I saw a body with a lot of humps, as if something was growing inside it that doesn’t belong. The chest and abdomen were cut open with an invisible knife. Inside were many little humanoids that started to grow rapidly, spilling out of the body. It was obvious these humanoids weren’t supposed to be there and it was good they were coming out.

I talked it over with Julio in the next morning and he told me that it was a spiritual operation. Aha!

Today I took the medicine twice, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’m curious what I’ll dream this night.


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