Chiric Sanango (brunfelsia grandiflora) is a flowering shrub from the nightshade family. It is native to South America, and grows abundantly in the Amazon rain forest. . Amazonian curanderos have used this plant to treat a multitude of ailment, ranging from arthritis to cancer. The plant is regarded as a master plant, or, a plant that teaches. This means that a curandero who diets this plant, can learn from it how to heal certain illnesses.


Historical use and dieta

Chiric Sanango is a plant that was dieted by the forefathers of the Shipibo, to obtain strength.


When preparing for a diet, they set out into jungle early in the morning to find Chiric Sanango. They would cut a path through the jungle until they found the right plant to diet. The right plant has a straight stem, and a straight root. This is the male plant. The female plant has a split root, and is not suitable to diet.


When they returned after the journey into the forest, the plant was prepared to be ready for consumption the day after. The plant was stripped of its leaves and branches and cleaned for preparation. Then, using a knife, the bark was removed from the stem and the root. The bark then was gathered, some water and mapacho was added and left to sit overnight to soak.


The next day the diet would start by a vomitivo (purge of the stomach) to clean and prepare the body for Chiric Sanango. Just a tiny amount of the Sanango extract was then taken which would give a mareacion (effect) of several days.


It is important that the food of the dietero is prepared by one woman who has passed he menstrual cycle and she would be the only one that could handle the food of the dietero. Back then, dieteros would take chiric sanango only one time.


A dietero could only eat a limited amount of food. Only certain types of fish, and bananas.

Modern day dieta

Nowadays, the way to diet the plant has changed. Instead of making an extract with water and mapacho, a less strong tincture is made with cane alcohol. And instead of taking sanango just one time, the tincture is taken twice a day over the course of several days.


The diet of Chiric Sanango is very special, and comes with its own, very strict rules. If a dietero did not comply with its rules, the plant could punish him with death. To successfully complete the diet, a dietero was required to be determined to finish the diet and stick to the plant’s rules.


Chiric Sanango can heal many illnesses, but it is important to seek treatment early. For someone who is very sick already, it may be to late to heal.


The primary way to heal with chiric sanango is to do a sauna with the plant, under the guidance of a maestro who specializes in this master plant.

The effects

The effects of Chiric Sanango can be experienced as quite intense. Cold shivers, a tingling sensation, feeling electrified are but a few effects. Furthermore, chiric sanango induces vivid dreams upon completion of the diet.


When connecting with the diet with Ayahuasca, Sanango shows you his world. Beautiful patterns of purple, blue and white.


Sanango is a plant that doesn’t beat around the bush and works directly at the problem at hand. His ikaros are short, but direct and very powerful. Sanango is plant that asks much from a dietero, but his gifts are immense. A sense of strength, laser like focus and deep love that stays with you long after you have completed the dieta.


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