We provide an all inclusive service

We believe that because of the nature of our work, we should offer complete packages. Once we confirm your booking, you can relax and start preparing for the retreat. All lodging, food, drinks, ceremonies, integration talks, all support during and after the ceremonies, as well as transport from and to your hotel in Pucallpa is included in the price.

We keep our groups small

Currently we support the healing of 4 people at a time. We do wish to expand in the future to a maximum of 8 people. We believe that keeping the group size small, we can give each participant the personal attention they need.

Our Ayahuasca is cooked by ourselves

To guarantee the quality of our medicine, we cook the medicine ourselves using only the Ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves.  Additionaly, our medicine is tested by ourselves and we take the necessary steps to improve the quality, before the medicine is given to our guests.

Chiric Sanango bath before each ceremony

The usage of plant baths is a strong component of healing with Ayahuasca throughout the Amazon. In the shipibo cosmology, illnesses find their root in energetic disturbances. By bathing with certain medicinal plants, your energetic body gets infused by the energy of the plant, making it easier for the curandero to heal. The plant we use is Chiric Sanango, arguably the most powerful master plant. Over the years, maestro Julio has specialized in the use of this plant and is one of few shipibo maestros to have done so due to its difficulty to master.

At least one ikaro

Because of our small group size, we can give very personal attention to each guest. Some participants require more attention than others, and fortunately  we are able to provide more care. It might happen that after an icaro, a participant moves to a bad space and is in need of help. Should such a situation arise, we will offer another ikaro.

English speaking facilitators

To help guide our guests through the ceremonies, we work with experienced facilitators who speak both spanish and english fluently.

Integration talks

To support your healing, the morning after each ceremony, we host group talks in which we discuss our experiences during the ceremony. We have found that discussing our experiences helps to solidify the healing that has been received.

Excursion into the jungle

The jungle is a beautiful, magical place and on one of the rest days our guests get the opportunity to explore the rain forest. Under guidance of maestro Julio, you will be taken along a path to visit several medicinal plants that are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Each plant has its own story and Julio is happy to explain everything about them.

We work on retreat basis

We believe that our guests are best helped in an environment with as little disturbance as possible, including social disturbances. There are centers that allow people coming in and going away according to their own schedule. We believe it is better to start en finish a retreat together as a group.

Medical questionnaire

To ensure the safety of our guests, we require that all participants complete an extensive medical questionnaire as part of the application process. The use of Ayahuasca is safe under the right circumstances. However, many types of medication and drugs for recreational use are contra indicated with the use of Ayahuasca. This also applies to certain psychological illnesses. As we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the safety of our guests, we need to have this information in order to determine if you are fit to work with Ayahusaca.

Two week pre and post diet

To receive the most healing from the medicine, it is necessary to prepare your body and mind for the retreat. Ayahuasca does not work well with for instance alcohol, salt, and sugar among other ingredients. Furthermore, by taking a diet, you start cleaning your body from toxins that have accumulated over time, as well as put your mind into a receptive state. You will need the period after the retreat  to slowly allow your body to get used to the foods and ingredients that were previously not allowed. Furthermore, in this time you will also be integrating  the healing you have received.

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