Types of Piñon

There are three types of Piñon Colorado. Wiso Piones (Piñon Colorado), Oxo Piones (Piñon Blanco) and Piñon Brasilero. Piñon Colorado is rather thick, has 3 lobes leaves and is characterized by green leaves, mixed with deep purple ones.


Piñon Colorado  teaches a healer how to see what needs to be healed, where there are energetic blockages or an accumulation of bad energy.

This plant, like other plants has its good side and its shitana. It depends on the maestro how the plant will manifest itself. If the healer is a good person, with good intentions, the plant will lead him towards the light.  If the healer is bad, with bad intentions, the plant will lead him towards the darkness.

Piñon Colorado is also used for vomitivos. It has a very strong purging effect intended to clear the stomach from any lingering bad energy. Depending on the skill level of the healer, the plant can also be used to treat bone pain and body aches. In addition, the healer may call upon the plant for protection.


How is the plant dieted?

For Piñon Colorado, there are two types of dietas that can be followed. One can diet the leaves of the plant, or the roots. In this diet, the plant is taken 9 times. Nine consecutive days in the morning, after this a dietero connects with the diet with Ayahuasca.


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