Shihuahuaco, or in Shipibo: koman, is an enormous tree that grows in the Amazon basin. Due to its size and weight, the wood is very dense and hard. Shihuahuaco has an enormous support base, with very wide, but relatively thin “wings”. This tree can grow up to 60m and is considered a guardian of the forest in the Shipibo Cosmovision.

Medicinal use

Shihuahuaco is a tree of which its bark is used to prepare medicine. It’s not a medicine in the sense that it heals afflictions, but it provides the healer with protection when doing their work. When a healer is healing, they work directly on the energy system of a patient. When bad energy becomes dislodged and starts to flow in the Maloka, it might enter the healer’s body. Shihuahuaco is dieted to harden the healer’s own energy system against possible intrusions. You could think of it as a type of body armor.

Furthermore, when connecting with Shihuahuaco, you can feel the ancientness of the tree. Shihuahuaco is old, wise and deep.  Typically someone connecting with Shihuahuaco, feels protected by this old giant. Shihuahuasco teaches a dietero how to harden up when there is bad energy around and to push it away to prevent it from entering.

Shihuahuaco is part of the diet for those who want to learn to heal, but, upon request can be dieted separately as well.


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