• Future plans

    Ayahuasca community

    One of our dreams is to one day found a village for those who would like to spend a long time in the jungle. Separate from the healing / diet center, this should be a place where people have the opportunity to live a completely different life than what they are used to. Learning to work the land, fish, hunt, all while working with spirit. From this place all kinds of good projects may arise. Permaculture, cross cultural education, defense of the amazon, are but a few that are possible.

  • Future plans

    Medicine garden

    Currently, dieted plants are sought out in the jungle and harvested. This is not only very time consuming and laborous, but if done in on a large scale, might result in the disappearance of the plants. Therefore we intend to plant a garden specifically to grow medicinal plants.

  • Future plans

    Sustainable Ayahuasca growth

    Where our center is located ayahuasca does not grow naturally and the chackruna leaves in order to make the brew are scarce. We are currently investigating methods to grow Ayahuasca and chakruna in an eco friendly way in order to sustain.

  • Future plans


    There is a lot of deforestation going on. Standing by the Ucayali bathing in the river, or waiting for the speedboat, on can get a good idea of the amount of damage that is done by watching the almost daily shipments of tropical wood being shipped to Pucallpa to be sold on the international market. We would like to play a role in undoing the damage that is being done on a daily basis to the Amazon. This could mean buying land, funding reforestation projects, or funding projects involved in protecting the Amazon.

  • Motivation

    Ayahuasca taught us that in ceremony, you reap the fruit. Outside of ceremony you eat the fruit. However, it is up to us to plant the seeds of the fruit, so new trees may grow. We feel it’s our responsibility to share the wisdom, power and love we receive from the plants with our community which extends to the whole world. For us, building a retreat and diet center (emphasis on diet center) made the most sense.It is possible for people from other cultures to learn the medicine and to forge alliances with plant spirits. It is possible to learn to handle energy and to sing ikaros. We will host diets to this end, because we feel the world needs more healers to go out into the world and reconnect with spirit.

  • Small scale

    We have kept the center small, providing space for 4 clients. This keeps things manageable and allows us to to give more personal attention to each client.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to build and run an Ayahuasca healing in diet center, in which people can heal their wounds and reconnect with their human nature. For those who are interested in learning more about Ayahuasca and plant spirits, we intend to construct facilities where people can diet plants in isolation in the Amazon jungle of Peru.

  • Shared ceremonies

    A common problem in the world of Ayahuasca that curanderos who have the opportunity to do so, will work exclusively with foreign clients. Some move away from the community to open their own retreat center, depriving the community of their curandero. We have decided that members of the community can participate in our ceremonies alongside our foreign guests for free.